We welcome applications from students who are, or expect to be, qualified to benefit from the curriculum we offer.

We ask that you achieve a certain level of academic attainment in order to enrol at WQE. We have carefully considered our entry requirements and believe that if you achieve these grades you will be well prepared for the challenge of advanced level study and can start your courses with us with confidence.

creative_gridOur published entry criteria for different programmes of study and individual courses ensure that we are able to offer you appropriate courses, which match your interests, needs and capabilities. Sixth Form advanced level study builds upon knowledge and skills gained at school and moves you through academic programmes, which normally culminate in written examinations. This is why your predicted and actual performance in GCSE examinations is a key interest to us; we need to establish that a foundation of knowledge and skills is in place, on which we can help you build.

We normally expect you to have achieved good passes in at least six subjects, including a minimum of grade 4 in English Language along with at least five other subjects; usually four at grade C and one at grade B as a minimum. We expect a minimum of grade 3 in Mathematics; subjects with a mathematical content will require a higher grade.

There are specific entry requirements for many courses; please check each course listing on the website and our leaflet “The Right Programme for You” to ensure you understand these entry requirements. If in doubt – please ask.

Admissions policy

Details of our admissions policy can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Admissions policy