Ancient History

The OCR Ancient History course combines the study of some of the most well-known parts of Greek and Roman history.

  • Students will complete a period study for both ancient societies which encompasses a broad sweep of history and two more narrowly focused depth studies. In addition to studying a wide range of ancient source material students will also gain an understanding of modern historians’ debates surrounding a number of key issues in each of the period studies
  • In the Greek period study, students will cover the period from 492 to 404 BC including the challenge posed by the Persian Empire, the growth of Athenian power following the defeat of the Persians and the conflict between Athens and Sparta in the Peloponnesian War. The depth study covers Spartan society in the same period
  • The Roman period study covers the Julio-Claudian emperors from Augustus through to Nero (31 BC – AD 68). The depth study looks at Roman Britain from the conquest during the reign of Claudius through to the construction of Hadrian’s Wall (AD 43 – 12 – 128)
  • The study of both Greek and Roman History is based almost entirely on the original sources in modern translations