Further Mathematics

Students will study A-level Mathematics and sit the exams at the end of Year 1. Having achieved at least a grade B in A-Level Mathematics students will study A-level Further Mathematics and sit the exams at the end of Year 2.

Further Mathematics is designed for students with an enthusiasm for Mathematics, many of whom will go on to degrees in Mathematics, Engineering, the sciences and Economics. It is both deeper and broader than A-level Mathematics. A-level Further Mathematics builds from GCSE level and A-level Mathematics. As well as building on algebra and calculus introduced in A-level Mathematics, the A-level Further Mathematics core content introduces complex numbers and matrices, fundamental mathematical ideas with wide applications in Mathematics, Engineering, Physical Sciences and Computing.

Pure Mathematics topics include:

• Proof

• Complex numbers

• Matrices

• Further algebra and functions

• Further Calculus

• Further vectors

• Polar coordinates

• Hyperbolic functions

• Differential equations

Further topics from Statistics and Mechanics will also be studied.