Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour, characteristics and functioning. The first year introduces the core foundations of the subject via the different approaches used to explain human behaviour (behaviourist, cognitive and biological), the range of research methods used to investigate it scientifically, and statistical techniques for analysing data from research.

You will learn about theory and research which can help answer questions such as: Why do we conform or obey? Why do we forget? How can we improve eyewitness testimony? How and why does a bond develop between infants and their caregivers? Can we define what is normal and abnormal? How can we explain and treat illnesses such as depression and OCD?

The second year builds on this foundation through investigation of topics such as gender, sleep, aggression and stress. You will also extend your study of approaches and research methods, as well as learning about controversial debates in Psychology: Is behaviour due to ‘nature’ or ‘nurture’? Do humans have free will?