Art and Design Extended Diploma

During this two-year course you will explore a range of art and design techniques as part of a number of core units and then choose to specialise as the course progresses towards more specialist art and design based disciplines.

During year one you will be introduced to a wide range of techniques and learn new processes throughout the different disciplines within art and design:

  • Art & Design in Context
  • Exploring digital photography
  • How artists and designers use 3D materials techniques and processes
  • Understanding sculpture
  • How artists and designers use 2D materials techniques and processes
  • Fine art drawing
  • Using digital technology in graphic design
  • Digital image creation
  • Creating an outcome for a specialist art or design brief

You will design your second year around your chosen specialisms which may include some of the following unit examples below:

  • Portrait photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Fine art printmaking
  • Digital fine art
  • Contemporary fine art
  • Fine art painting
  • Exploring ceramics
  • Creating 3D art or design work
  • Design for advertising
  • Exhibiting and presenting artwork
  • Art and design illustration