Business Extended Diploma

This is a two year course. (First year = Foundation Diploma).

You need to ensure that you are prepared to follow through the course for the entire two years. This will result in achieving the equivalent of three A Level equivalent qualifications upon successful completion of the course at the end of year 2.

Route 1:

Year 1: Foundation Diploma: 6 units
Year 2: Extended Diploma: 6 units

You will follow 4 units of study with other students taking the Extended Certificate in Business and a further 2 units on your own in your Extended Diploma classes.

The core units are:
• Exploring Business
• Developing a marketing campaign
• Personal and Business Finance
• Managing an event
• International Business
• Principles of management
• Business Decision Making

This course really focuses on the vocational aspects of Business so you will find a lot of teaching is based on case studies, application to a variety of different businesses, visiting speakers, role plays and visits to industry.