Law Extended Certificate

This course is delivered over one or two years, and is
equivalent to 0.5 A Levels (Certificate) or one A Level
(Extended Certificate).
Consists of three mandatory and one specialist unit:

Unit 1 – The mandatory units provide learners with an
introduction to Dispute Solving in the Legal System
Unit 2 – Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the
Legal System
Unit 3 – Applying the Law
Unit 6 – The specialist unit allows the student to
understand the rules of Contract Law

The qualification is suited to learners who want to
experience vocational education involving production
of coursework based assignments throughout the year.
Students have been offered the opportunity to visit local
law courts during their study, to the Supreme Court and
Royal Courts of Justice in London and will hopefully benefit
from visiting speakers from a range of legal professions.
Each year we rotate enrichment to provide the most
relevant and up to date experience possible.

There has been a collaboration with the Faculty of
Business and Law at De Montfort University who now
facilitate, as part of the College’s Level 3 Applied Law
course, the opportunity for all students to take part in
a one-day legal skills masterclass to work towards
presenting a mock trial based on a fictitious case.

Students receive tuition and feedback from legal
academics and practitioners, and this provides a unique
opportunity to benefit from the training that most students
of Law do not receive until post-graduate level. This
opportunity has been developed to ensure that students
have direct interaction with practising members of the legal
profession, to embed employability skills.