Public Services Subsidiary Diploma

This course is designed to provide the learner with
the skills, knowledge and understanding of the roles
undertaken by the Public Services e.g. Police, military,
fire services, HM Customs. Students will learn about the
makeup and structure of relevant organisations; how
British law influences policies and protocols; crime and
deviance; and the impact of conflict on services.

The skills gained by a student will provide them with an
understanding of the organisations mentioned above,
how they are organised and financed, their roles and
responsibilities and in the process enable the student to
develop a CV profile that demonstrates their determination
to gain the academic and practical skills necessary for
entry into the Public Services.

Mandatory Units

• Government Policies and the Public Services
• Leadership and Teamwork in the Public Services
• Terrorism, War and Conflict
• Crime and its Effects on Society
• Police Powers in the Public Services
• Citizenship and Diversity in the Public Services

The units are closely linked to the requirements of the
public services and ensure that students have a good
understanding of employment within these areas.