Science Diploma

These are vocational qualifications that provide students
with key skills and specialist knowledge to progress
onto many career paths in Science. Students follow a
unit-based curriculum that equips them with practical,
interpersonal and critical thinking skills alongside theory.
The units are completed over 2 years, and include a
mixture of internally and externally assessed units.

All students complete the following units:

• Unit 1: Principles and Application of Science I
• Unit 2: Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques
• Unit 3: Science Investigation Skills
•Unit 8: Physiology of Human Body Systems

Diploma students also complete:

• Unit 4: Laboratory Techniques and their application
• Unit 5: Principles and Applications of Science II
• Unit 6: Investigative Project
• Unit 9: Human Regulation and Reproduction

The Diploma leads to progression in a science related
higher education degree or apprenticeship. The Extended
Certificate is for learners that are interested in learning
about science alongside other areas, with a view to
progressing to a wide range of higher education courses,
not necessarily in science.