Sport & Physical Activity Cambridge Technical Diploma

The Level 3 Cambridge Technical Diploma in Sport and Physical Activity provides an introduction to the sector for learners looking to build a career in sport, within one of its occupational areas. These areas include careers in exercise and fitness, coaching, leadership and sports development. This course provides a more practical, real-world approach to learning alongside a theoretical background, giving learners the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to prepare for employment.

You will study:

  • Unit 1 Body Systems (externally assessed exam unit)
  • Unit 2 Sports Coaching and Leadership (internally assessed assignment unit)
  • Unit 3 Sports organisation and development (externally assessed exam unit)
  • Unit 4 Working safely in sport, exercise, health and leisure (externally assessed exam unit)
  • Unit 5 Performance analysis in sport and exercise (internally assessed assignment unit)
  • Unit 8 Organisation of sports events (internally assessed assignment units)
  • Unit 11 Physical activity for specific groups (internally assessed assignment unit)
  • Unit 13 Health and fitness testing for sport and exercise (internally assessed assignment unit)
  • Unit 17 Sports Injuries activities (internally assessed assignment unit)
  • Unit 18 Practical Skills in sport and Physical activities (internally assessed assignment unit)
  • Unit 19 Sport and exercise psychology (internally assessed assignment unit)

The employer-endorsed course content is up to date and relevant, reflecting the blend of knowledge, practical skills, communication and team–working skills needed to progress to further study or employment in the sector and beyond.