Mathematics GCSE

This course is linear which means all topic areas are
tested in three one and a half hour exams at the end of the
course. One paper is without a calculator and the other two
using a calculator.

The course focuses on:

• applying mathematics in context
• problem solving
• reasoning

Topics within Handling Data, Number, Algebra and Shape
will be studied. You will estimate probability, calculate
averages and represent data in charts and graphs. You will
develop your arithmetic skills and build your confidence
in handling different types of numbers, such as fractions,
decimals and primes. You will learn how to draw graphs to
represent real life problems. You will learn the properties of
angles and different shapes, calculate how many litres of
water fill your local swimming pool and find out why Pythagoras was such an interesting person.
Throughout the course you will develop your problem
solving skills and learn how to apply your knowledge to real
life situations.