Psychology GCSE

You will be studying a number of different topics within psychology, all with a focus of learning about key concepts within psychology, theories which explain behaviour and studies which have been conducted to support theories.

Some examples of what you will be learning include: the stages of sleep and why sleep is so important, alongside the theory of dreams. You will also find out about your memory, what the capacity of your STM is and why you forget. A key skill you will develop will be application, so you will be able to transfer your knowledge about theories to real life examples, for example Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and how his principles have been adapted to help Key stage 1 – 4 teachers. You will also gain an insight into criminal psychology, looking at how criminal behaviour is measured and how personality factors be linked to criminal behaviour.

Other topics covered include: psychological problems, social influence and research methods. You will be involved in conducting and planning research, to gain an insight into how psychologists actually investigate behaviours