WQE and Regent College have worked closely together for a number of years and have a long and rich shared history serving local students across many generations.

Bringing together the strengths of our two colleges will enable us to provide a high quality inclusive sixth form education for young people in the local area, now and in the future. Therefore the governing bodies of both colleges took the decision to merge the colleges.  Whilst all provision previously on offer remains available this will now be provided as a single college now known as WQE.

There is a full range of provision on offer from Entry Level to Advanced level.  Students wishing to discuss the full range of courses available or to make enquiries about the start of term arrangements at the Regent Road Campus should contact 0116 2554629.  Alternatively, you can contact us at either of the following email accounts: enquiries@wqe.ac.uk or admissions@wqe.ac.uk

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