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Guest speakers share real life stories to highlight radicalisation

WQE teamed up with national safeguarding campaigners Prevent in hosting eye-opening sessions about the dangers of radicalisation, extremism and terrorism.

Held on 26th November, three guest speakers shared their real life experiences of the three worlds. Students got to hear about the challenges of a mother of a radicalised young person, the grief of a terrorism victim and the remorse and lessons learnt by a reformed right-wing extremist.

The sessions formed part of Prevent’s strategy of safeguarding children and adults by providing early intervention to divert people from being drawn into terrorist activity. Since February 2010, Prevent has enabled the removal of over 300,000 terrorist material from the internet and supported over 1,260 people through its parent programme, Channel. Of those who received support in 2017/18, 84% showed a reduction in vulnerability.

Jaslynn Kaur, Leicester Prevent Young Leader and student at WQE, said: “We, young people, are very impressionable and can be swayed very easily – we tend to follow whatever our role models do. My aim as a Leicester Prevent Young Leader is to improve our outlook and assist young people with embracing and understanding British values. To work with the College to prevent vulnerable young people from being drawn into radicalisation and work with sectors and institutions to raise awareness of the issue, in order to help young people recognise the impractical ideas that are subtly being imposed on them.”

Dan Smith, Equality and Diversity Co-ordinator at WQE, said: “This event was an opportunity for students to hear some real world experiences relating to the dangers of radicalisation and the purposes of Prevent. It was well received by staff and students and is a credit to the Prevent Young Leaders who organised it.”



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