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Oxbridge terms begin for WQE alumni

Ten former WQE students will be studying at Oxford and Cambridge universities this term.

Jack Wiltshire, Abhay Sagar, Dilan Tank, Fergus O’Brien, Jaykumar Limachya and Jeevan Bhoot are amongst the group who due to start their first year at two of the UK’s top universities, thanks to their achievement of outstanding A-Level results and support from the college’s Oxbridge workshop.

Jack, 18, joined the college in 2017 with the goal of studying at Cambridge. After completing A-Levels in English Literature, Geography and Fine Art, he will now be studying a degree in English at Cambridge, Trinity College.

Jack said: “The English Literature course provided me with a substantial ability and flair in writing and arguing my point of view. This helped dramatically with the interview process, where impressing and showing potential is key. Fine Art allowed me to visualise the world through a different medium and form of expression. This in turn has allowed me to develop a hobby into a genuine skill that informed my conversations within the interviews. Geography helped me to achieve a place at Cambridge because the factual outlook you acquire from this course, helps you to feel assured and confident. This in fact, helped me with my discussions greatly in my interviews.”

For current students, looking to get into Oxbridge, Jack advises: “There’s three parts to a successful student; dedication, passion, and your teachers. You have to put the time in, to achieve what you want. Work shows! Equally, get to know your teachers, be passionate and interested and they’ll help you out. My teachers were fab! Each one of them was dedicated, kind, supportive, and knowledgeable.”

Fellow alumni Dilan, 18, also joined WQE in 2017 with the aim of getting into a great university, to do a course which would allow him to pursue his future interests. He completed A-Levels in Mathematics, Economics and Politics and will now be studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford.

Dilan said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at WQE as I had fantastic teachers and great friends. It was a very difficult two years academically, but I was supported well. My courses, especially Maths, really helped me as they allowed me to have a solid introduction to the subjects that I will be studying at university. More importantly, I had teachers which sparked my interest in reading the news – actively and following politics and economic activity globally.”

For those who are still studying, Dilan advices: “Work hard, choose a course which you think you will enjoy and are passionate about. Be ambitious with your university applications, make the most of the WQE Careers team which is fantastic.”

WQE offers Oxbridge Support workshops to students who have an interest in applying to Oxford and Cambridge universities. Representatives from the universities provide three sessions that focus on the application criteria, personal statements, interviews and subject specific support. To support students who are successful in securing interviews at the universities, WQE then provides mock Oxbridge interview sessions as part of the workshops as well as a reward trip to the annual Oxbridge Conference.

Paul Wilson, Principal at WQE said: “We are very proud of our former students as they begin their first years at Oxford and Cambridge. They have all worked extremely hard in their academic achievements and we have no doubt that they will continue to do so throughout university. At WQE we pride ourselves in our ability to further develop the minds of young people by instilling the knowledge and independence that they need in order to succeed in higher education and in the world of work. We wish our alumni all the very best and look forward for preparing the next cohort of students for similar successes.”

For more information on Oxbridge Support workshops at WQE please contact the Careers Team at

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