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Update on Assessments and Examinations for 2020

The Department of Education (DfE) and OfQual have provided a further update on assessments and examinations for 2020. We are providing their statements below for information and the College will work through this in more detail next week and beyond in order to update students further.

The statements suggest further work is required to develop a methodology that will draw on a combination of sources and existing data, including mock exams, coursework and non-examined assessments. Those things will therefore be used to award a ‘calculated grade’, whilst also allowing an option for students to sit an examination ‘early in the next academic year’.  The DfE have promised that ‘clear guidance on how to do this fairly and robustly’ will be provided to schools and colleges.  Their stated aim in developing this approach is ‘to provide these calculated grades to students before the end of July’ and presumably to provide some much needed certainty, though we are reassured that students will still have the opportunity to take an examination at a later instead should they wish to.

Their full statements are here;



We will now need to await the full detail behind these proposals and in the meantime we will be working with students to complete any remaining non-examined assessments and coursework that are pending for current units and to conclude courses as planned, even though this will be at distance from this point.  We are ready to continue supporting our students to conclude courses and to place you in the best position possible, whatever the final approach to calculating grades, as well as to be ready to sit a later examination should you so wish.

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