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WQE guide to staying active

We recognise this is a difficult time for staff and students to stay active, so we’ve pulled together a selection of tools, advice and ideas for you. Click on the pink words below for more information.

Check out the following links to free tutorials, workouts and exercises. Give it a go and find something you enjoy!

Many of you may be feeling worried about how the pandemic will impact your life. Some days may seem OK and others may be more of a struggle. Many people will be feeling stressed and anxious at this time. These feelings are normal and important to acknowledge. MIND and Young MINDS provide advice, support and tips if you’re struggling with self-isolation.

Physical Activity and Mental Health 
Staying active is recognised as having a positive impact on your mental health. Here are some fantastic ideas from MIND on how to do that within your own home.

Bring The Gym To You

Household Objects 
Household objects are a great replacement for your usual gym equipment. From push ups with backpacks, paint can rows and soup tins for shoulders, check out this article for ideas and techniques.

Bodyweight Exercises
A great way to work out without equipment is by using your own bodyweight. Changing the speed of the movement and how many reps you do will continue to challenge your muscles using the same weight each time! Check out this full bodyweight routine from Alex Costa on Youtube.

Home Workout Routines
There’s some fantastic free to use workout routines online. Check out Les Mills on Demand who is offering a 30-day free trial to their platform of more than 800 workouts, from 15-55 minutes, that are delivered in 21,000 gyms around the world!

HIIT Training 
HIIT training is great for those who like to exercise at higher intensities for shorter periods of time. Typically, you will work at your maximum effort for between 20 and 90 seconds. The majority of HIIT workouts require little to no equipment, meaning they’re ideal to be done at home. Using an online coach is a great way to provide extra motivation for your HIIT session. Joe Wicks has a variety of workouts on his YouTube channel, ranging from beginner level to more advanced.

Daily Exercise Ideas

We are allowed to exercise outdoors, following social distancing guidelines. For some, this might be similar each day but others may want more variety. Here are some ideas to find something that suits you and your surroundings, as well as some tools to help you make the most of your daily outside exercise.

Please always follow the current government guidance when taking part in your daily exercise. The latest advice can be found on the website.

Walking can be a great way to relax and clear your mind. For those that wish to track their walks, the Active 10 app is a fantastic way to do that. Active 10 encourages you to walk for at least 10 minutes a day and helps you gradually increase your walking levels over time.

Sport England’s new Join the Movement #StayInWorkOut campaign have shared a great run down of the latest government advice on how to stay physically active whilst spending most of your time at home. Take a look at it on their website.

*Activity tip – Check out podcasts and online books to entertain yourself on your physical activity – Audible have a 30 day free trial*

Get on the move with Couch to 5k. This app takes you from beginner (the couch) to running 5km in manageable steps. It’s a 9-week course consisting of 3 runs each week that gradually increase in intensity, with the help of a coach to keep you on track.

Running or Cycling 
For any budding runners or cyclists, you can track your fitness activity with Strava. This app allows you to record your runs and map your cycling routes.

Mix It Up

Yoga is a great way to mix up your physical activity. It encourages calmness and relieves stress patterns. Check out Yoga with Adrienne for lots of free sessions which start at beginner level and progress.

Dancing is a fun form of fitness which develops your wellbeing. Learn new dances with the best choreographers, track the health benefits and dance with others using social mode on the Just Dance app.

Activity For All 

There are some fantastic activities, adapted by experts, making physical activity accessible to all!

We are Undefeatable
A campaign supporting people with long term health conditions. They have brilliant ideas on finding an activity that works for you and are offering individual support for you with regards to the coronavirus.

Adaptive Yoga 
Wheelpower have put on excellent adapted seated Yoga sessions with Nina Boswell Brown from sittingfityoga.

Activity Alliance works to make active lives possible and is working remotely to provide support and tips on how to stay active at home. Check out their Twitter and Facebook pages for more information @Allforactivity.

Tanni Grey-Thompson has teamed up with Dame Kelly Holmes to provide workouts from elite athletes! Check them out on Twitter @Tanni_GT.

Kris Saunders-Stowe is a qualified fitness instructor who has teamed up with Parasport to put on fantastic workouts which require no equipment.

What’s Trending?

Check out social media for the latest exercise trends, have a go and nominate friends and family!

• Run 5, Donate 5, nominate 5
• The 2.6 challenge
• Recreate famous goals
• Toilet roll kick up challenge – How many can you do?
• Cricket – first ball of the season – @countychamp on Twitter have challenged fans to video the first ball they face this season at home
AOC Lockdown challenges

Connect Whilst Exercising

Prefer exercising with others? Missing your gym buddy?
Here are a few ideas on how we can continue to socialise through sport in quarantine!

• Video call whilst exercising- Zoom call your gym partner.
• Nominate each other on social media to try the latest trending exercise challenges.
• Encourage each other to be active and try new things.
• Challenge each other to beat high scores and personal bests.
• Use apps social and sharing options with others.

Share With Us!

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We would love to see how you are keeping active.

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