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WQE students enjoy inspirational trip to Venice

Students from Visual & Expressive Arts, Art, Craft & Design and Fine Art subjects are on a 5-day educational trip to Venice, Italy.

Accompanied by staff, the group have been exploring the city’s art works, buildings and other stimuli through drawing, writing, photography and other artistic responses. Staying in the heart of Venice, they have been sight-seeing and visiting attractions including the Beinnale Galleries, Rialto Bridge, Lace Museum, Museum of Glass, Museo Correr and St. Marks Basilica.

The weather has in no way prevented the students from enjoying this wonderful opportunity which has broadened their vision of the world, whilst illustrating how different life can be in other countries – promoting their confidence, self-assurance and independence.

The group is due to return on 16th November.

WQE is aware of the current weather conditions in Venice and as of 15th November, the group are safe and happy. If parents/carer wish to contact us for further updates, please email or call 0116 2471147.


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