Useful resources for parents/carers can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Parent and Carer Handbook

Student Z Card

Student Information – Attending College

Operation Encompass

Parents/Carers may be aware of this initiative from schools. WQE will be working with Leicestershire Police to safeguard our students. The following information explains Operation Encompass and how WQE will engage:

Letter to Parents/Carers

Explaining Operation Encompass

Let’s talk about information sheets:

This series of information sheets is designed to help parents/carers start difficult conversations with the young people in their care about issues they made face.

They are designed to help you as parents/carers to:

  • Understand the issue
  • Know the most important facts about the issue
  • Know where and how to find out more

Having conversations with young people about these issues can ensure they also know the facts, and can help keep them safe.

In addition to the links on each sheet, there are a number of other websites which parents/carers may find helpful to increase their awareness, and help them to safeguard young people.

Let’s talk about… Keeping safe online

Let’s talk about… Keeping safe in the real world

Let’s talk about… Grooming

Let’s talk about… Sexting

Let’s talk about… Healthy relationships

Let’s talk about… CSE