At WQE we are committed to providing comprehensive one-to-one academic and personal support to any student that needs or asks for it.

At times we all need advice and support to fulfil our potential and as far as we are concerned, if any of our students face a challenge that they don’t know how best to meet, then it becomes our challenge too.

Ultimately, we aim to be there with the right support, both academically, emotionally and practically, whenever it is needed or asked for.

Because it’s always about us getting it done, together.


How we support our students

The key purpose of our support and guidance structure is to help our students achieve the very best possible results they can from their time and study with us.

Each student is allocated a Personal Progress Mentor, as well as having the support of their subject teachers. We also have specific welfare and careers experts. All specialists, who work together to monitor progress, support academic study and ensure our students get all the help they may need.

Everybody is eager and willing to give their time to help you when you need it, often going out of their way to provide resources and advice.

Miriam Ettrick
English Language & Literature, French, History, EPQ