Autumn Term 2018

Day Date
Start Monday 20 August (staff only)
Enrolment for new students starts Thursday 23 August
Bank Holiday Monday 27 August
Year 2 students return Thursday 6 September
Mid-term break 22 – 26 October
End of term (University Road Campus) Thursday 20 December
End of term (Regent Road Campus) Friday 21 December

Spring Term 2019

Day Date
Start Monday 7 January (staff only)
Year 1/2 students return Tuesday 8 January
Mid-term break 18 – 22 February
End Friday 12 April

Summer Term 2019

Day Date
Start Monday 29 April
Bank Holiday Monday 6 May
Mid-term break 27 -31 May
End Wednesday 3 July

The following dates for the academic year 2019/2020 define the widest possible window from which exact dates in which all students are expected to attend will be drawn. Within the year there will be dates where staff only are at College and where there are college wide events which students may or may not be expected to attend.  These dates will be communicated to students and added to the website calendar as soon as they are agreed.  There will also be specific dates set aside for the enrolment period – enrolling students must be available throughout this period. The dates outlined below provide the information required to make decisions on holidays which the College asks are taken OUTSIDE of term dates.

Autumn Term 2019

Day Date
Start Monday 19 August
Bank Holiday Monday 26 August
Mid-term break 14 – 18 October
End Friday 20 December

Spring Term 2020

Day Date
Start Monday 6 January
Mid-term break 17 – 21 February
End Friday 3 April

Summer Term 2020

Day Date
Start Monday 20 April
Bank Holiday Monday 4 May
Mid-term break 25 – 29 May
End Tuesday 7 July