Campus and facilities

We have extensive learning resources, a visual and creative arts block with its own creative spaces, a fitness suite and great social and dining facilities.

And our unique location next to the University of Leicester means that many of our curriculum teams have links with university counterparts and for some project work students have access to the universities David Wilson Library. Students may also use some university facilities including the bookshop.

Purpose-built, specialist accommodation

Teaching and learning at WQE takes place in purpose built facilities.

J Building is our state-of-the-art facility for art, design, graphics, photography, textiles and ceramics, and includes wood and metal workshops. It also houses a café, art gallery, dark rooms, and drama and music studios.

Our science laboratories have been adapted for each individual science and have been entirely remodelled and re-equipped, to incorporate specialist facilities for teaching and learning.

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) has numerous facilities to promote, extend and enrich teaching and learning. It stocks 22,000 books, newspapers, periodicals and DVDs supporting all aspects of our curriculum and more.

Our Study Centre is a large, open, flexible learning space with networked computers accessing the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) ‘WQE Online’, the internet, subject specific-software and Office applications.

I enjoyed the transition from my old college, as at WQE it requires me to be more independent as a person and I feel like I have more choice and freedom, with help available when needed being at WQE.

Nathan Mistry
Business, English Language, Physical Education,
Certificate in Financial Studies